Coil Binding is One Among the Many Forms of Binding

People might be confused when it comes to the difference in between the various kinds of book binding like coil binding methods and why they should prefer one over the other.  If you want to get an idea about the different types of binding methods and know about the cost and benefits of each one of them, you need to read this blog carefully.

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Saddle Stitching

Saddle Stitching is an economical and common book binding method. In this case, two staples are inserted along the folded edge of the book pages for creating the spine of the book. This method can be used when you produce booklets with 60 pages or more.

Perfect Binding

This is a binding method which is used on paperback and soft cover books. It is quite inexpensive particularly when it is done in large quantities and appears pretty professional.  Perfect binding is usually done by the guiding edges of the insert paper of the books to the wraparound. This serves as the back, front, and spine of the book.

Case Binding

This is the name of the binding method which is mainly used for the hardcover books.  It is the most expensive method of book binding. However, it also looks the most professional.  If you want to learn more about case binding, you can do some research over the internet.

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Coil Binding

This is an inexpensive form of binding which is done by running plastic coils through the holes that are present in the book. This process of bookbinding will allow the book to lay completely flat when it is open.  It will make the pages turn all the way to the back of the book for making it easier to hold when you are reading.  The ease of using coil binding makes this process of binding great for the presentation materials, workbooks, and manuals.  When you add a plastic cover to the coil bound book, it will offer a prolonged longevity.

Comb Binding

Comb binding can be less expensive than coil binding.  This is because it requires less labor when you have to put the books together.  This is a great process for books and manuals which need to lay flat when it is open.  However, the pages are not to be turned all the way back to the book like the previous method of book binding.

Wire Binding

This process offers the same benefits as coil bind procedure. The book can lie flat when open and also the pages will turn all the way back of the book.  This is a great binding method which will work great for different projects.

Binding is considered to be the most important phase. It is about giving shape to a particular product. By choosing the binding procedure, you have to make sure that it lasts and is easy to read.  Different types of binding like coil binding, comb binding, etc. will affect these factors in various ways.  Thus, you need to understand how to bind and choose the most adequate type.